RUMAD on macOS

After 3 years, the CTI has upgraded the servers that run the RUMAD (Matricula) system. As a consequence of this change, when you trying to reconnect after November 11, 2019 you will see the following warning message:

RUMAD fingerprint

To fix this, simply copy and paste the following command in Terminal:

ssh-keygen -R

Press Return. This will regenerate the RUMAD key.

Once this is done, reconnect to using the following command (copy and paste into your Terminal window):


Press Return. You will connect to the RUMAD system successfully. If you are still having issues, please email me with as many screenshots as you can (you can find my email at the end of this page).

I’ve included a video of the instructions above.


Please send questions or feedback ONLY IF YOU FOLLOWED THESE INTRUCTIONS COMPLETELY (BOTH COMMANDS) to my email. I will not answer support questions from people that clearly did not run the entirety of the instructions OR didn't watch the video. I will not help with ssh_config problems, as they are not described here. If you'd like to send a tip, you can do so by using either Apple Cash, Cash App, Venmo, or ATH Móvil at (787) 421-0026.