RUMAD on macOS


Please send questions or feedback ONLY IF YOU FOLLOWED THESE INTRUCTIONS COMPLETELY (BOTH COMMANDS) to my email. I will not answer support questions from people that clearly did not run the entirety of the instructions OR didn't watch the video. I will not help with ssh_config problems, as they are not described here. If you'd like to send a tip, you can do so by using either Apple Cash, Cash App, Venmo, or ATH Móvil at (787) 421-0026.

After 3 years since the initial wake of the connection problem on macOS, the CTI (Centro de Tecnologías de Información) has upgraded the servers that run the RUMAD (Matricula) system. As a consequence of this change, when you trying to reconnect after November 11, 2019 you will see the following warning message:

RUMAD fingerprint

To fix this, simply copy and paste the following command in Terminal:

ssh-keygen -R

Press Return. This will regenerate the RUMAD key.

Once this is done, reconnect to using the following command (copy and paste into your Terminal window):


Press Return. You will connect to the RUMAD system successfully. If you are still having issues, please email me with as many screenshots as you can.